Skyler Haataja

Game Designer

I am a computer science and art student with a focus in game design. I am dedicated to using my technical skills and knowledge to bring engaging and innovative games to life. My strong proficiency in programming, project management, and problem-solving has allowed me to excel in both academic and hands-on learning environments. I am eager to apply my skills and passion to real-world projects in the industry.


Most Recent Work

Highlighted Skills

Key Skills Developed Through My Education

Game Design

As an experienced designer with a knack for creating engaging graphics, menus, intuitive interfaces, and fun mechanics, I have honed my skills through years of designing games and documenting projects. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for good design, I am confident that I can contribute to any team seeking to create memorable and visually stunning gaming experiences.

3D Design

With a passion for 3D graphics and a focus on game asset creation and prototyping, I have developed strong skills in modeling, texturing, and UV unwrapping that enable me to deliver high-quality work on every project. I’m dedicated to improving as an artist by exploring new styles, tackling challenging projects, and collaborating with talented professionals.

Programming & Web

Through my extensive experience in programming, I have been able to accomplish a variety of tasks in low-level and high-level programming, which has proven invaluable in designing engaging games, aesthetic websites, and experimental generative artwork, utilizing languages such as C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python.