January 2023

Drawing Squares

Tools Used:

This project proceeded my Rainbow Keyboard in my Creative Coding course at UCSC. I used P5.js to draw lines by pushing lines to an array that would store them all. The controls for this are arrow keys to move around, q/e control line speed, a/d control line width, w controls background color and s controls line color. 


How and Why?

For this piece, I was inspired by early 2000s modern art, the pipes screensaver for Windows 98, and an Etch A Sketch. The point is I wanted lines that the player could control. All I knew is that p5.js has a line tool ad moved from there.


After I got the premise of the code implemented, I thought it would be cool to allow the user to change variables. The variables I programmed to allow were speed, line width, and the color of the line and background. This allows more interaction with the user and they can make play around with different combinations to make it look wildly different than someone else’s.