25 March 2023

Obsidian Keyboard

Tools Used:

KBDcraft Adam Obsidian Recolor and keyboard riser mod.

Redesign of the colors of the original KBDcraft LEGO inspired keyboard to portray a Minecraft obsidian block. The concept is rendered on a Lego cluttered desk with keycaps to imagine it better in person and you may notice some added feet to the back that I designed.

How and Why?

    I constructed this keyboard with a LEGO designing program called BrickLink Studio, which allows me to place premade LEGO models in 3D space and change colors. I copied the keyboard base design instructions and made it brick by brick using Studio. I then exported the models from BrickLink Studio into Blender to assign similar looking materials and get the scale right. After rending a video of the basic keyboard in Blender I decided to go back to BrickLink Studio and made a redesign, applying color changes, switching blocks out, and I was spending good time iterating on functional back legs to rise the keyboard at an angle. Once I liked my design I sent it over to Blender to get a few glamor shots and that’s where I’m at today

    The keyboard was one that was recommended me through YouTube and after showing my roommate they had bought it. While they loved it, there were some quality of life changes it could use. My roommate is using a glasses case to prop it up and I’m thinking “well if the keyboard is made out of LEGOs, we just need to design an addon and buy some LEGOs to add risers to the back”. I chose to go with a different color because the original white and grey just lacks extra flair I’d want my keyboard to have, changing the LEGO pieces to specific colors isn’t hard and I can ship the new bricks to my house in just a few clicks.


    I want this keyboard so bad! There are so many different designs and customization options I have the tools to create. I need to make some adjustments to the risers and then buy all the parts. This specific design would cost me an additional 30 or so dollars over KBDcraft’s version, but to my eyes it’s well worth the extra cost. It was cool to use LEGOs using BrickLink Studio and import it as a 3D model into blender and is giving me ideas on how I could make LEGO models in games. All and all, a great experiment and I look forward to making more designs and building the keyboard for myself later on.




Blender: https://www.blender.org

BrickLink: https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/download.page

KBDcraft’s Adam – LEGO inspired keyboard: https://kbdcraft.store/products/adam