December 2022

Slime Scape

Tools Used:

This was a game we worked on for 2 weeks as the third game jam for our senior capstone course CMPM 170 at UCSC. The premise of this game is that you are a slime that can split in to multiple different slimes to control or merge into one based off proximity to the nearest slime. Using this mechanic you can navigate a 2.5D space and solve puzzles.


  • Team Leader
  • Programming the split and merging
  • Setting up the 2.5D space to work correctly
  • Helped with player movement programming
  • Consulted and advised our 3D modeler with using blender and fixing bad practices such as leaving N-gons and bad geometry.


We didn’t really get to finish the game, we basically got the core mechanic done and that’s about it. Part of that I will have to accept some responsibility. If I had spent more time early on researching the programming the splitting and merging would have been done faster. That being said nobody would have faulted me in my group because I did a substantial portion of what we did turn in. I think that like some projects in here I’m not in love with the result, but I’m proud of the contributions I had made. If I could do it again I would take initiative to lead the team to complete other tasks that could have been done at the same time, also to nag and assist them at completing the task if necessary.


Early Design Schematic