Slug Fall

Tools Used:

An endless runner 3 of us worked on for our CMPM 120 course at UCSC. The point of the game is to fall down as much as you can without hitting a branch at max velocity or getting eaten by the hawk. You move around with Arrow Keys and you can use spider webs and leaves to break your fall. 

We used GitHub for collaborating, VSCode for working on builds, and Phaser 3 with Matter JS physics for the engine.


  • Art: I made all the buttons made them interactive. 
  • Programming: I also did a large chunk of the programming alongside my peer programmer Daniel Wild.
  • Music: I created using my favorite lightweight web app, Beepbox.
  • Sound FX
  • UI: I chose some of the overarching style such as the font and layout.


This project was a lot of programming and our first deep dive into JavaScript. I think that Matter.JS is for physics simulations, but with what our end result was it only really hurts our game to use Matter physics instead of Arcade physics. This is due to matter physics relying on the developer to program it to work on varied refresh rates and it’s primary use is pure physic simulations not games. I also wish that we could have spent a little extra polish to make it work for mobile and WASD controls, but it turned out great in my eyes.