Tails of Love 🐾

Tools Used:

Both humans and dogs answer questions to win the affections of the bachelor-x in this whacky take on a dating game. 

Inspired by Cards against humanity and Werewolf, this game has a suitor in VR and card playing contestants where the suitor is finding out if their match is a Mike.. or a mutt!


  • Team Leader
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Gameplay Design
  • Illustrations
  • Concept art





Answer the bachelor-x’s questions while working in the prompt cards given to you, but beware! Some of the prompts are sure to make you look like a dog if you’re not clever, and the bachelor-x is determined to root out any possible dogs from the dating pool. Dogs can only answer with things that it’s possible for them to do (like surf), so that they don’t get too much of an advantage.